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quality control plan

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Construction quality

SPGL's strategy is to integrate Construction Quality aspects of field activities to ensure a smooth transition into Commissioning. Our Construction Quality program ensures proper turnover and that systems are ready for Commissioning.

This section deals with the process / steps to be employed in the execution of quality management of construction projects. The programme is tailored for each project to ensure proper levels of continuing quality are achieved. This programme forms the basis of, and is a pre-requisite to a successful commissioning effort.

The Construction Quality Management is the enabling process that allows clients to use other construction contractors with varying levels of Regulated Industry project expertise, yet be assured that the outcome is a trouble-free commissioning execution ensuring a reduced time to market. Our approach fosters a Culture of Quality by encouraging the acceptance of quality concepts and practices by sub-contractors and vendors through consistent interaction and training. This is enhanced by a program of inspections.

At the outset, we make our clients aware that this program is not a quality program that is typically employed in construction projects. Our program overlays the construction quality process with a degree of compliance rigor that extends the idea of Design Qualification into the Construction phase. This approach addresses the ultimate project goal of delivering an operable, sustainable, facility; while at the same time, the program enables the leverage of commissioning in support of plant operations to improve time to market.

The level of quality for any project is defined by the contract requirements, drawings, specifications current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and approved Quality Assurance/ Quality Control guidelines. The objective of the Construction Quality Management Program is to prevent deficiencies, minimize defective work and strive for a zero critical items punch list. As the design begins to crystallize during the Development stage, the project team will begin the development of a project specific Quality Management Plan, documenting the key steps it will take to deliver a building/facility that is fit for purpose and exceeding end user expectations.

It is crucial to establish clear goals & objectives for the project, which will establish an appropriate level of quality expectations. As soon as the goals are set, the Project Team will develop a detailed Quality Management Plan encompassing:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Submittal Quality Management
  • Subcontractor Quality Management
  • Definition of required turn-over documentation
  • Field Quality Management
  • Training of Client personnel
  • Hand-over to Client

It is intended that this programme will form the basis for integrating construction with commissioning.

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