In this market sector, safety and efficacy of medicines remain a top priority for drug companies and regulatory bodies. 

At SPGL, this is at the forefront of our thinking as evident in our methodology. Our knowledge of the regulations, combined with our ability to integrate engineering, construction, commissioning and validation, enhances quality and reduces our clients’ ‘Time to Market’.

We are dedicated to delivering good value quality medication, by adopting a risk-based approach to commissioning & qualification/validation. We anticipate, analyse and manage every aspect of risk throughout the project lifecycle.


The Medical Device & Diagnostics sector is gaining great importance in ensuring a better quality of life across the globe. New medical technologies are transforming the healthcare landscape with solutions to address chronic diseases conditions and revolutionize the way treatments are administered. 

As recently evident, diagnosis is also fundamental for successful outbreak containment, from Ebola to the current Covid-19 pandemic. It is clear that the ability to diagnose accurately and abundantly is critical. 

Whatever the instrument, be it an apparatus, machine, appliance, implant, reagent or calibrator, we at SPGL fully understand the different classifications and the application of these regulated devices. Our teams are fully experienced and have worked on numerous facilities involving some or all of these instruments and devices. 

We can bring value by applying the appropriate standards as well as fast-track these systems to meet the rapid and ever-changing needs of society. 


Whether you are producing a medicated toothpaste, a make-up kit or simply a lip stick, we are aware of the impact of quality on the application of such regulated products. 

At SPGL, we implement quality through a risk-based approach to commissioning and start-up, focusing best practice verification and documentation procedures on the areas most likely to affect product quality, cost and schedule. 

Expert in commissioning facilities for the pharmaceutical industry, SPGL can produce highly detailed documentation for close scrutiny by regulatory authorities. Depending on the type of product, we simply adjust the level of detail to suit each project.


The Chemicals sector continues to become increasingly competitive due to globalisation, sophisticated facilities automation, and tighter safety and environmental requirements. 

SPGL’s risk-based approach to commissioning is ideal for chemical and industrial facilities, improving coordination between design, construction and occupancy/operation by ensuring quality, reducing costs and speeding time to market. 

Our goal is to create value for our customers through the application of knowledge, quality and proven track record in risk management. Our excellence in project execution ensures that the integration of engineering, construction and commissioning is seamless. This will ensure that your facility is online cost effectively and in the shortest possible time.


Mission Critical Facilities are commercial structures designed to support and protect the organisation’s people, equipment and data to a level that far exceeds standards for normal facilities. A data centre or a web hosting facility must operate absolutely reliably around the clock, 365 days per year, under any circumstances. Design flaws can lead to underperforming systems and can also affect a completed facility’s productivity and operating costs through premature equipment failure and/or increased energy consumption. 

SPGL’s early involvement and approach to commissioning can eliminate these concerns. Designed to minimise the risks involved in engineering and construction, our commissioning is a cost-effective way to ensure the best possible start up and handover, on time, within budget and to specific quality standards. It also ensures that systems and equipment are ready to work in an optimal and sustainable manner from day one!


The provision of affordable health care is one of the main global challenges, along with water and energy resources, facing humanity. 

Our construction quality programme combined with our risk-based commissioning ensures hospitals and medical centres are built with quality in mind, providing the best value for the end users and taxpayers. 

Whether it is a large new hospital or a refurbishment of an existing surgical ward, SPGL ensures that finishes are appropriate and equipment functionality is optimal.

Why Choose SPGL?


Local with international standards and multilingual capability: English, Dutch, German and French


Standalone or integrated service, ensuring independent and conflict free compliance


Practical, cost effective & risk-based solutions, resulting in faster ‘Time to Market’