SPGL provides an unparallel level of documentation expertise. Our long-term experience in regulated industries allows us a reliable choice of the appropriate level and extent of documentation, based on the type of facility and market sector. 

The definition and development of Turn-Over Packages (TOP) is a fundamental staple of our workforce. Our team will develop the TOP plan, as well as assemble and/or audit the final TOP. This will guarantee a high-quality package which will include all required up-to-date documentation from vendors, engineering, construction managers field activities, procurements, etc. The documentation would typically consist of specifications, manuals, drawings and other information that fully characterizes each system or piece of equipment installed in the facility.

For regulated industries, the organisation of the TOP is critical to the overall success of the validation process. Therefore, it must be organised in such a way that the client is able to leverage the documentation and data into the final validation phase of the project.