SPGL is your premier partner in crafting state-of-the-art laboratory solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our esteemed collective of auditors spans the globe, each bringing a wealth of experience from conducting hundreds of meticulous audits across a diverse array of laboratory settings.

From GLP toxicological research facilities to diagnostic laboratories accredited by CAP and CLIA, and specialised units dedicated to GCLP human studies, we ensure excellence in every assessment.

Our team’s deep-rooted expertise guarantees that your audits will not only meet but exceed the stringent benchmarks set by GLP and GCLP, all while upholding the revered standards of CAP and CLIA.

By partnering with SPGL, clients elevate their laboratory’s performance and integrity, enabling them to navigate the complexities of compliance with unmatched professionalism and precision.

Our range of GLP / GCLP services encompass:

  • Facility audits
  • Study audits
  • Critical or in-process phase inspections
  • Protocol audits
  • Data audits
  • Report audits
  • Procedure/process audits
  • Bioanalytical laboratory audits
  • Mock inspections
  • Document reviews
  • Archive audits
  • Qualification or requalification audits
  • Subcontractor and vendor audits
  • GLP GAP analysis